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We believe that community is powerful  - that women who gather together to grow and be allies for each other can transform the world. This should be available for every woman, no matter where she lives or what resources she has.


Whether you are an experienced leader or have just done the first steps in your career journey - we want to equip and empower you to live out your full leadership potential and be encouraged to grow every single day.


Roleplaying Jams

Our monthly roleplay jams are the perfect place to get started. You will meet other great women to play through challenging situations in a safe, supportive environment and get honest feedback. 

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Leadership growth starts with a strong, supportive community

Growth Guilds

Staying motivated and consistent to your leadership development can be a challenge when going alone. With Taara Quest's Growth Guilds, you have an empowering group of 5-6 handpicked women leaders by your side motivating you to learn, grow and make a difference. 

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Embark on a quest to become the leader you are meant to be

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Giving Back

Taara Quest Community is a collective effort and a project initiated by women for women.

If what we do is helping you to grow as a leader, and if you resonate with our mission to equip and empower women in leadership, you have the opportunity to contribute with your finances, time or network. 

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Taara Trails

Embark on a dynamic 4-week leadership challenge to ignite your leadership spark. Each week, you will immerse in a foundational leadership topic prepared in a relaxing learning space and apply your skills in fun virtual roleplaying sessions with other trailblazing women leaders.

Most importantly, just come as you are! No special skills or experience needed. The only thing you need is curiosity and some openness. Roleplaying as a virtual avatar is easy, fun, and an amazingly effective way to gain deeper insights and prepare for your challenges. 

Game-changing, immersive leadership growth

In the Taara Quest community, you will roleplay in virtual worlds with women leaders around the globe. Practice real-world scenarios, get feedback from our experienced coaching team, and support fellow questers through their journeys.

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