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Our Mission

Equipping women to bring their light into the world undimmed to become unstoppable agents of change.


As women we often dream smaller, wait longer, aim lower.

Women in tech occupy less than 15% of executive roles and 1/3 quit within the first year.

75% of women leaders struggle with self-doubt and women rate their performance 15% lower than men

Meet the Founder

Luise is a former political leader and women's movement activist. As a serial-entrepreneur, published author, and innovation expert she founded Taara Quest in 2021 after joining her sons in gaming worlds like Minecraft during the Covid-19-lockdown.

Bringing the spark to life

We're a small but mighty crowd bringing the idea of Taara Quest to life.

Digital Marketing Intern | Germany

Community Building Intern | Germany

Digital Marketing Intern | Germany

Taara Leader | Immersive Tech | Belgium 

Taara Leader | Growth Guilds | Norway

Taara Leader | Growth Guilds | Turkey

Taara Leader | Trails | Germany

Taara Leader | Growth Guilds | India

Strategy & Growth Advisor

Minecraft Support

Minecraft Support

Marketing Advisor

Operations & Curriculum

Join Us as a Taara Leader or Intern:
Shape the Future of Our Community

Your time and skills could be the catalyst that propels our community into the future. Here's your opportunity to make an impact:

Intern with Us:
Contribute your unique talents and become a vital part of our vision.

Become a Taara Leader in one of Our Dynamic Teams:

  • Immersive Experience Building: Create engaging experiences that resonate and inspire.

  • Growth Guilds: Guide a small group of women through a term of 6 months

  • Taara Trails Support: Provide essential support, ensuring the smooth execution of our 4-week growth tracks

The Taara Coaching Team

Holistic Feminine Leadership Coach

Executive Coach, MCC (ICF)

DEI & Leadership Coach

Certified Professional Coach

Introverted Leadership Coach

Founder & CEO of GO BIG Coaching

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