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Welcome to the Community,

where we believe in the transformative power of unity. We are a vibrant, safe space dedicated to fostering the growth and strength of women leaders through immersive roleplaying experiences in virtual worlds.

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Our mission? It's simple - to equip and empower each woman, regardless of her geographical location or financial capabilities, to bring her full leadership light into the world undimmed. We're committed to empowering you, nurturing your innate leadership potential, and cheering you on as you become a bolder, more authentic version of yourself step by step.

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Starry Sky

​A FREE 4-week growth path designed to boost your leadership growth.

Monthly Roleplaying Jams:
Regular opportunities to sharpen your leadership skills and self-awareness through fun and insightful roleplay experiences.

Community Mentoring Hours:

Connect with inspiring women leaders in tech and benefit from their profound insights and advice.

Networking Opportunities:
Build valuable connections with peers and industry leaders.

Access to Leadership Coaching:
Overcome unique challenges with the help of the world's best women & executive leadership coaches.

Explore a Thriving Community

Experience the heart of the Taara Quest Community. Connect and share on the Discord chat, meet new friends and get inspired in events taking place in virtual worlds.

See our community in action!

What unites us

Awe and wonder! That's what community is for us when we share vulnerably, play wholeheartedly and explore curiously. These three principles serve as the pillars of our community.

# Relationships catalyze growth

# Growing through Doing

# Learning fueled by cutting-edge tech

Support our cause and help us maintain and grow this safe space for all.

Volunteer Teams: Share your time and skills to shape the future of our community.

Help us spread the transformational power of our training programs within your organization.

If our vision resonates with you and you're excited to join this journey of empowerment, we'd love your support. Whether it's financial backing, investing a bit of your time, or making connections, every bit helps. Together, we can accelerate the path for many emerging leaders to flourish.

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