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Grow a little taller,
become a little wiser,
play a little bigger

A community of impact-driven women passionate about becoming bold, authentic leaders.
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What unites us

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at  heart 💛

Wherever we are in our career, we have a circle of influence. Let's awaken and enlarge our ability to use it!

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Better  world

enthusiasts 🌎

We are passionate about creating some beautiful ripple-effects in this world.

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believers 🌱

We seek to continuously grow as women, leaders and humans, even if that means leaving our comfort-zones. 

Leaderhip the ability to create a positive influence.  This potential lives in each of us waiting to be awakened and trained!

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Friends of 

the virtual 🎮

We are notoriously curious of emerging tech, love to have fun in virtual worlds and aren't afraid to learn new things.

A safe place to learn, play and grow

Awe and wonder! That's what community is for us when we share vulnerably, play wholeheartedly and explore curiously. 
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How to join the Community

Join a Growth Guild

Partner with 10-15 like-minded women meeting biweekly or monthly to grow consistently in the hustle of everyday life.

Join the Discord

Join the community on Discord to be equipped & empowered through events, discussions and experiences in the Metaverse

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No cost. Just growth & connection

We believe that community is powerful. That women who gather together to be allies for eachother can transform the world.

This should be available for every woman, no matter where she lives or what resources she has. That's why the growth guilds & community are entirely free. 

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Community Voices

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Our principles

# Relationships catalyze growth

# Growing through Doing

# Learning fueled by the Metaverse

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Have a partnership suggestion or another interesting idea we should discuss?

We're always looking to join forces with other brilliant minds and great organizations to collaborately propel women forward in leadership.

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+49 176 555 20923 

2022 Taara Quest 

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