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Leadership Quest

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Taara Rising

3 - Session - Roleplay for Women
on a journey to finding their voice
Frau mit futuristischer Maske

Standing up for yourself
feels like a challenge?

Voicing our needs, thoughts and preferences can be incredibly hard and scary as

  • We have no one to ask for advice.

  • We are afraid of negative consequences of standing up for ourselves.

  • We can't seem to find words for our needs and emotions.

Don't get stuck in your head. Play immersively

Instead of playing out challenges in our heads again and again, lets have fun and play a game in Minecraft.
Immersing yourself in a safe virtual world outside the limits & demands of day-to-day-life with
a vibrant tribe of women like you.  

Through playful gaming, you tackle your challenges without risk and in alignment of who you are.


Own your brilliance

recognize your unique contribution, relevance and potential


Powerful Presence

present your thougths with impact and articulate assertively



demonstrate your intent to create impactful interactions and relationships


Boldness & Vision

Get out of your comfortzone and train
your boldness-muscle

Where it will lead you

Faded Shapes

What the Quest is about

Image by Matthew Henry

Experience 3 sessions of  immersive roleplaying (2 h) in Minecraft

Purpose-Ideation Kick-Off
& Closing Discovery Session

Join a global tribe of women playing, sharing & growing together

Be part of a vibrant 

virtual Community

Transfer Insights with your
Personal Growth Dashboard

Get all Quest-Materials

On this Quest you will

Facilitated group Roleplay

For the game you will follow the story of Taara and
enter the virtual world of Minecraft. 

She has lost her power and confidence in the past and gathers a tribe accompanying her on the journey of reclaiming her power. 

Never played Minecraft? Don't worry! We'll show you everything you need to know!

Come join this adventure as we co-create storylines, slip into imaginative roles and reflect on where it leads us in our professional lives!



Quest Description

No pressure and expectations.
This is your safe space to grow in
the most fun, creative a d effective way.

How it works

Sign up
for dates

Warmup in

We offer two session options in each week. Choose you session and sign up for your Circle. 

Get to know Minecraft in your own pace with our tutorials and open Q&A's.

Ideation Session

Sessions 1-3


Come and meet
our crowd of amazing women creating scenarios & stories 
for the roleplay.

Experience the
3 roleplays together with your trusted Circle.

Finish with powerful conversations and 
share what has been 


The crew you can rely on

Our passion is to create unconventional tools for women to exlore and reconnect with their leadership superpowers. 

Throughout our Quest we are your coaches, encouragers, enablers and sometimes challengers - (almost) everything you need to enjoy this adventure and reach your destination. 

Luise Frohberg
Founder TAARA.Quest

Savita Upponi
Executive Leadership Coach

A truly unique experience


"By working through challenges in a virtual environment, you forget about limiting emotions - instead focus on the task at hand, making it easier to learn new skills."

Tori, CEO & Founder