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Growth Guilds FAQ

1. What are the Taara Growth Guilds?

Taara Growth Guilds are one-year leadership development programs designed specifically for ambitious women leaders. Each Guild consists of 5-6 handpicked individuals who journey together, learning, growing, and consistently honing their leadership skills through curated content, immersive roleplay experiences in virtual, and supportive fellowship.

2. How does the matching process work in Taara Growth Guilds?

Our robust matching process is designed to bring together a group of like-minded women leaders. We consider factors like your leadership style, growth goals, and industry to match you with your Guild, ensuring a harmonious, supportive, and challenging environment conducive to collective growth.t

3. What type of content is included in the curated leadership resources?

The curated content includes a variety of high-quality leadership resources, such as articles, podcasts, webinars, real-life case studies, and more. These resources provide practical strategies, actionable advice, and unique insights, all aimed at supporting your consistent growth as a leader.

4. What role do virtual worlds play in the Guilds?

Virtual worlds play a crucial role in our program, offering an expansive, virtual platform for leadership role-playing. Not only do the Guild Meetings take place in a virtual environment like where you come in as an avatar, but can also enable seeing eachother through camera. You also come together to roleplay different leadership scenarios. These scenarios allow you to practice and refine leadership skills in a supportive, risk-free environment. This regular practice enhances problem-solving and decision-making abilities, fostering consistency as a core leadership strength.

5. What is the cost of joining a Taara Growth Guild, and what does it cover?

Joining a Taara Growth Guild involves an annual fee of 500€. This investment covers the full year of membership in a closely-knit Guild of like-minded women leaders, including access to our curated leadership resources and fully prepared roleplays and guides. Essentially, you're investing in your transformation into a resilient, authentic, and impactful leader.

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