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How It Works

Ready to step into a new world of leadership? Just fill out a quick application to start your adventure with Taara Trails. You'll be matched with the next cohort and welcomed into a supportive online community.

A vector computer image displays an enlarged text box with a cursor clicking on it

1. Apply

Fill out a 3-minute long application to join your first Taara Trails.

A vector ennvelope is opening, with a stylized contrail behind it representing an emial invitation to join

2. Get Your Invitation

You will receive an email invitation to join the next Trails cohort shortly after submitting your application.

An outline of a woman at her computer, representing joining the taara quest community

3. Set Up Your Profile

Follow the directions in the email to create a simple profile and log in to the community. 

Silhoutte outlines of woman with their arms around each other, jumpingh fogr joy, representint being a part of the taara quest community

4. Build Your Community

Get to know women leaders from around the world, questing with you through 4 weeks of leadership growth.

Welcome in our World!

Take a tour in our Taara Welcome Space! Learn to navigate as an avatar, learn more about Taara Quest, and discover accessible leadership tools to kickstart your growth journey. 

Getting Started with Virtual Worlds

Customizing avatar and moving around

Never ventured into virtual worlds before? Fear not! At Taara Quest, we're with you every step of the way. Our beginner-friendly walkthrough guides make mastering an easy and fun-filled journey:

Sitting down, using links & moving items

Using portals & videos

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