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Starry Sky

Roleplay Jams

Monthly Roleplay Jams are open to all community members and aim to provide a safe space to address leadership challenges, boost self-awareness, and promote personal growth in the most fun and effective way.

The power of roleplay

Our Roleplay Jams last for 75 minutes, centering around a key theme such as setting boundaries or giving feedback. We explore these themes through two scenarios in three rounds of roleplay. Conversations are simulated in small groups of 2-3, with participants giving each other direct feedback after each dialogue.

Experiment & fail fast:
From managing a team to negotiating a deal, experience diverse leadership situations.

Boost Self-Awareness:
Understand your responses, emotional triggers and decision-making better.

Build Confidence:
Through repeated practice and direct feedback you will grow more comfortable with uncomfortable conversations

Why Participate in Roleplay Jams?

Ready to Jump into Roleplay Jams?

All are welcome to our Roleplay Jams, from beginners to pros. Getting started is really easy. The only thing you need: 

  1. Curiosity: Stay curious. It's how we grow, learn, and take bold steps

  2. Growth Mindset: Use and appreciate feedback as a tool for growth. 

  3. Positive energy: Let's make every roleplay session an enlightning adventure!

Also - please familiarize yourself with our virtual-world-tool beforehand through our tutorials for a seamless, immersive experience.

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