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Starry Sky

SkillQuest Labs

SkillQuest Lab isn't just another coaching - it's a revolutionary approach to mastering the art of difficult conversations. By choosing to participate, you're not only pracise invaluable skills but also help shape an innovative learning experience for women by women.

Your Quest for Mastering Difficult Conversations Starts Here

  • FREE one-on-one coaching of 1h with experienced professionals, delivered via avatars in a virtual setting

  • Practise your skills in negotiation, feedback-giving or navigating difficult conversation

  • A secure, judgment-free environment to build confidence and communication skills


  • Your valuable insights from each session will help us refine the experience for future users.


  • FREE Coaching Experience: Benefit from expert coaching to conquer fears and inhibitions without any financial commitment.

  • Boost in Confidence: Walk away from the session with a renewed sense of self-assurance, better prepared to handle any conversation.

  • Space to Experiment: Our virtual world provides a risk-free environment to try new approaches and strategies.

  • No-Show Fee: To ensure that all participants are committed, a nominal fee of $50 will be charged only if you fail to attend the session.

Be a Pioneer in a Breakthrough Experience

How it works

  1. Choose up to three roleplaying sessions that fit for you best.

  2. Log in to our intuitive virtual platform—no tech skills needed.

  3. Choose your avatar and meet your experienced coach in the virtual world.

  4. Engage in an interactive roleplay scenario.

  5. Receive real-time feedback and actionable insights, all while having fun.

Each roleplay session lasts for one hour and focuses on a key topic. After a brief introduction, you will delve into this topic through various real-world scenarios commonly encountered by women in business and tech. These conversations are simulated, and you'll receive direct feedback from an experienced professional coach.

What's a Roleplaying Session like?

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