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Taara Trails

Taara Trails is a FREE 4-week growth track for women in early- to mid-stage careers. Grow more confident and discover your leadership potential by joining a global community of women leaders on a journey together.


Discover Taara Trails

Navigating the complexities and challenges of early to mid-stage tech careers can be daunting, especially for women aspiring to lead. Over the course of 4 weeks, this program transforms challenges into opportunities by boosting confidence and enhancing communication skills. Benefit from a global network of outstanding women leaders and mentors, and use roleplay to practice tackling the most demanding aspects of leadership.

A group of

1. Immersive Self-Paced Learning:
Engage in thoughtful immersive learning spaces and grow at your own pace.

2. Interactive Roleplaying Sessions:
Benefit from direct application and peer-to-peer feedback during weekly roleplaying sessions.​

3. Live Mentorship Sessions: 
Get inspired and learn from influential women leaders who have carved their own paths.

4. Networking & Self-Organized Groups:
Participate in peer-led discussions for intimate sharing, reflection, and mutual growth.

Four Pillars of the Taara Trails 

Boost your growth with weekly focus areas

WEEK 1 - Learn to Lead with Confidence & Courage:
Focus on strengthening self-confidence and fostering courage in leadership roles.


WEEK 2  - Prioritize Resilience and Renewal:
Explore the art of nurturing emotional resilience and mental renewal, essential for sustained balance and leadership impact.


WEEK 3 - Self-Advocacy & Assertiveness:
Practice communicating effectively in conflictual and challenging interactions.​


WEEK 4 - Difficult Conversations:
Develop practical skills for handling conflictual and challenging interactions.  


"By working through challenges in a virtual environment, you forget about limiting emotions - instead focus on the task at hand. It's making it much easier to learn new skills."

Tori | Tech Founder

"I loved all the roleplays and meetups and got direct feedback. It was really helpful for me to understand how others perceive me and how I can grow more!"

Charlotte | Director

Social Impact Organization

"Great roleplay-experience! There was a lot that I learned about the way I approach things. It gave me some real food for thought and change afterwards."

Jo |  Marketing &

Communications Lead

"The roleplay helped me to understand myself better and that sometimes we blindly follow rules or to things without even asking ourselves 'why are we doing this?"

Miriam | People & Talent Acquisition Manager

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